Available Puppies!! 

You can also check out my "older pups/adults" that are available or check my facebook page, Tyme 2 Parti Poodles. 

We have tiny babies from Jobi and Jazzy!  Born March 26th!!  We have 3 boys and one TINY girl.  At 5 weeks of age they are weighing in at:  Jock, Silver/Blue Male abstract 1lb 6oz.  Pepe, Silver/Blue 12.75 ounces.  Pierre, Black and White parti 9.3 oz and Monique is only 8 oz.  SUCH a tiny little thing!!  They are healthy and eating well. The smaller 2 will most likely have to stay on with us a little longer than the other 2 to assure a safe start.  



The pictures above are of Jazzy (first 5) and Jobi (Last 5) They are both Toy  Poodles.  Sorry, I hate the term Teacup* but both would be considered that by many "breeders."  

Jazzy is a 5lb 1 oz female parti carrier, she is usually lighter in color than in these pics, but she experienced a "Blown Coat" while she was nursing her last litter and her hair grew in darker after, this is due to all the hormone changes they endure.  She is back to her gorgeous "silver" coloring now!!  I really need to update my pictures of her.  Jazzy is a sweet, gentle little girl who loves everyone she meets, especially if they hold her!!  She loves to be held and would love to be carried around all day!  She is submissive, but not overly so.  She is loyal and very loving.  I could go on and on with these 2, they are remarkable little dogs.  :)

Jobi is a 3 lb male also a parti carrier.  He is a true love, and wants nothing more than to please me.  He would love to have me all to himself, but he tolerates the other dogs snuggling too... most of the time.  He is smart and attentive, but could be spoiled REALLY easily, as he is so tiny and cute it is hard not to just "give in" and let him get away with anything and everything!!  He is a very good little boy.  :)  His weight fluctuates between 2.6 lbs to 3.0. I would rather keep him to the higher end for his safety and health.  

These 2 should have some gorgeous parti pups, but might  possibly have some Tuxedo or abstract!!  I imagine, due to mom and dad's sizes, she won't have but a few pups. They should be an adult size of 3-5 lbs.  Contact me at tyme2parti@gmail.com or here to inquire.  All people interested will need to fill out an application to be considered for placement for ANY puppy/dog. 

*There really is no such thing as "Teacup Poodle" as far as American Kennel Club (AKC) and Poodle Club of America (PCA), etc.  The sizes have been set for many many years.  Toys = Under 10"  Miniature = 10" to 15"  Standard poodles are anything over 15".  No mention of Teacup.  It is just a marketing ploy.  

 Page Updated 1/24/16

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