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(We no longer breed the Large "Standard" sized poodles.)

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If you just want to chat, or have questions, just say so and I will give you time as I am able.  

Also, please do not be offended if I ask you questions about you, your family and your lifestyles.  To ensure a good match I need the information to guide me.  The questions are not meant to be offensive but to assist you, the best I can, as well as what is best for my "4 legged children!"  Each and every one is special with their own unique personality!

Contact Tyme 2 Parti Poodles

Is the phone number above:

To save time, fill out an Application if you are wanting to purchase a puppy or dog. :) It will speed up the process!

You are more than welcome to come here to pick up your new companion.  I travel frequently to Omaha and other areas, so if needed, I can meet, deliver or make arrangements to ship out of Omaha.  Extra fees will apply based on requirements, contact me for information.   **TINY puppies will NOT be flown in cargo. (Really, none of them should fly cargo...if it can be helped.) The tiny ones will need to be chaperoned. It can be you, someone you know and trust well, myself or a professional "puppy nanny" to fly with the little one... again, ask if you need details or information!

Denison, Iowa 51442

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