Adoption/Purchase Application:

Adoption Application:

Type of Home:

Is there a fenced yard/area available?

Is this phone number above a:

Who will this puppy/dog be for?

Is everyone in this home in agreement on getting this new pet?

What is the purpose for Pet? (Check ALL that apply)

Do you currently have other Pets/Animals on the Property?

Even though this may seem like a LOT of questions, it is NOT all conclusive.... AND many times it will lead to MORE questions.  I want to be assured that the homes where my puppies/dogs go to are the right home.  Don't be offended: I bring these animals into the world, and it is my responsibility to make sure they are in the best possible place for THAT puppy/dog.  It is also for your protection!!  I want you to be successful with your new pet!   Please make sure that each answer is as truthful/complete as possible.  Truthful answers will lead to the best possible outcome/match.

If you don't want to answer any of the questions, or don't like being asked, then just maybe my puppies/dogs aren't the ones for you.  There are LOTS of breeders out there.  It is important to find the breeder who suits you. 

*IF it is found that answers are purposely deceptive or flat out lies, it may lead to refusal or repossession of a pet later, IF applicable. 

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