FOR CLARIFICATION:  NONE of the poodles on THIS PAGE are the property of  Tyme2Parti Poodles, nor have they ever been, nor were they groomed by me. These pictures were all loaned by my grooming friends on FaceBook by permission ONLY for the mere purpose of demonstrating the versatility in poodle grooming for this page only!!  Thanks Ladies!!  These pictures are NOT to be used beyond this page/site without the owners' permissions.


Poodle Style!

This is a German Clip, very sporty featuring clean face, feet and tail with shaved ears.  Photo provided by Tammy Ellis, Dog Groomer from Layton, Utah USA  It is a super ellegant looking clip!!  :)

This clip has several names, "Teddy Bear" and "Modified Bichon Trim" among others. (This is also the same basic trim given to "Doodles!" So, why Doodle, when you can Poodle??!)  Photo provided by Sammy Bee, Dog Groomer from Hagersville, Ontario Canada So Cute!!

Catherine Opson groomed this adorable boy!! She owns a grooming shop, Estrella Pet Grooming, located in San Juan Capistrano. "This was at a competition in New Jersey, Intergroom. The dogs name is Denzel, the clip had no title but I sort of made out up as I went along with him to suit his body shape and personality."  

Photo Provided by Sharon Channelle

This is a pet version of the Continental Clip...  She is pink in support of Breast Cancer!  Photo provided by Sharon Channelle, Dog Groomer from Martham, Norfolk England. A modified or pet version of the Continental clip usually features the jacket on the body, pompoms on the ankles, tail and perhaps on the hips.  The topknot and neck are usually shorter than the show version for easier maintenance. This one also appears to have the neck clipped short to accommodate her collar. The FULL continental is the one that is sported in ALL AKC shows.

 This clip is named the "Winter Fur Collar Clip" the un-dyed version!  :)  Photo provided by Kim Geidel, Dog Groomer from Elwood City, PA USA

I did one similar to this one once!  Inspired by a different groom done by Dawn Omboy, the "Queen of Color".  (Her poodle she did is from my line!) I will put the pics of my poodle groomed with a collar of fur into the Oodles of Poodles page!  :)  Since NONE on this page were groomed or owned by me!  :)   

The Miami Clip!  This is a popular clip as it is "tre poodle" while being easy to maintain!  It is short on the body with Poodle Top Knot, Ears and Pom Poms on the ankles and tail!  Photo By Faith Chipman, Dog Groomer from Burnt Church, New Brunswick Canada

This is another example of a Miami Clip.  

This Photo was provided by Becky Smith, dog groomer/breeder in Suffolk England

Corded Poodle Pics by Laurie Cecil-Laurie's Warm Fuzzies, Personalized, Professional Mobile Dog Grooming, FreeLand Washington USA  Cording is a facinating Grooming Technique/Style. It is basically "controlled matting."  AKA Dread locks!  The hair is grown and carefully allowed to grow into "corded" matts.  The hair is split if  areas become too thick, and have to be maintained carefully so the dogs skin and hair is kept healthy!  Special care is required for drying, so the dog doesn't become too chilled, plus if it takes too long to dry, it can become "mildewy" or "moldy"~  It requires lots of care to keep it in optimal condition!  Poodles can be shown in cords.

Creative grooming is reaching an all time high and I believe it will continue to grow in momentum!  This is a parti poodle groomed in a "Lion Clip"! with Tiger striping! He belongs to Tara Lamper, Dog Groomer from New Hampshire. 

The poodle is the only breed that has an official "Puppy Clip"  This is the clip that poodle puppies are shown in, up to one year of age. After that, the (AKC) poodle is required to be shown in either the Continental or English Saddle.  Other show groups, such as UKC and CKC may have different rules. The 2 photos  were provided by Jaana Keltto from Jyyaskyla, Finland!

Japanese Style Grooming!   Hopefully more pics  to come! 

Thanks to all the groomers who have given permission

for me to use THEIR pictures.  

I do not have permission or rights to THEIR pics 

beyond use on THIS site, 

for demonstration purposes ONLY.  

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