This is a Breakdown and Explanation of the information that will most likely be on the "Contract and Agreement" required for purchase of a puppy from Tyme 2 Parti Poodles. 

Purchase Agreement and Contract For: (Name)

Breed: Poodle Sex:___ Color/Markings:___ DOB:___
Sire Call Name :___ Registered: AKC
Dam call name:___ Registered: AKC
Date of Adoption:___ Reservation Fee*: $200

Full AKC Price: $1200 Companion Only Discount: $600
Shipping/Delivery Costs: $350 Total Purchase Price: $600

Deposits and fees

A $200 (non-refundable) reservation fee is required to hold/reserve a puppy, but will be used toward the purchase price, at the time of fulfillment. If being delivered (via car, plane, delivery service, etc) The cost of delivery must be paid PRIOR to delivery. The complete remaining balance ($750)  ____  ____

(Prices Above are for illustration purposes Only for this Sample Contract => Actual Prices WILL Vary.)


We take pride in providing quality puppies according to breed standard, who also make wonderful companions. This puppy/dog is promised to be of good health at the time of purchase, as well as free from life threatening congenital health issues up to 2 years* of age. The breeder will provide health/vaccination records for the puppy/dog. It is the buyers responsibility to check with their vet to determine if further vaccinations/wormings are required and when, as it may vary from vet to vet and their protocol and the individual pets needs. Proper follow up with your vet is key to maintaining a healthy pet.  ____  ____  


This agreement is with the ORIGINAL buyer only. The buyer should have the puppy examined by a licensed vet within three (3) business days of taking possession. If the examining vet finds this puppy to have a serious life threatening illness/disease the buyer should contact the breeder immediately to report the findings. The puppy must be returned to the breeder ASAP, but within 5 days of diagnosis, accompanied by the documented proof from your vet. If all parts are complied with, and findings warrant it, the breeder will refund the full purchase price or replace with a puppy of equal value, if available. If a puppy of a greater value is available and chosen by the buyer, the buyer will pay the difference in price. There are no refunds or guarantees for Coccidia and/or other parasitic activity, lack of immunity or illness from vaccinations as well as problems caused by neglect, injury or carelessness by the buyer.    ____  ____  

This dog is guaranteed against life threatening congenital defects for up to 2 years of age. IF the dog is diagnosed with a life threatening congenital defect before the age of 2 by a licensed vet, notify the breeder ASAP. The animal should be returned to the breeder within 7 days of diagnosis, accompanied by the documented proof of illness from your vet. If findings verify it, the breeder will either refund ½ the purchase price or replace with an equally valued puppy at ½ cost, if available. The buyer may choose to pay the difference in price if a more expensive puppy is chosen/available. The buyer also has the option of keeping the puppy/dog, but then no refunds will be made.  *ALL transportation and vet costs are the buyers responsibility. The breeder reserves the right to have the puppy/dog re-examined (at the breeders cost) by a licensed vet of her choice to have the diagnosis verified to determine if a refund/exchange are warranted for any diagnosis.  ____  ____  

Buyer understands there is always a risk. Puppies do not always turn out the predicted size, though we always do our best to estimate as accurately as we can. We make no guarantee or promise of size, weight, color, breeding or show quality, or ability. We cannot promise that every puppy/dog will develop immunizes from the vaccinations given. Buyer professes that they are knowledgeable and committed to proper in-home care, feeding, vet care, grooming, training, and precautions for a dog this size/breed. Buyer’s assumes all responsibility and liability for care/condition of the puppy once it has left our premises/care. Any condition caused by carelessness, abuse or neglect will void any guarantee.  ____  ____  

Breeder Support for Life!

As a breeder who cares deeply about her animals, I offer a lifetime of customer support. If you have any problems or issues, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to talk you through and advise you. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find answers! While puppies/dogs are not sold on a trial basis, they may be returned to the breeder at any time during its lifetime, if the need to re-home it arises. You can simply return the puppy/dog to me to re-home, or contact me so I can help you in locating a suitable new home for the puppy/dog. No refunds or exchanges will be made at this time. This dog is NEVER to be put with a rescue organization, shelter or pound.  ____  ____  

Purchase Details:

This particular puppy/dog is being sold with:

____  ____  A REQUIRED Spay/Neuter Contract (Performance, Limited or No AKC)
____  ____  No Spay/Neuter Contract Needed (Already Spayed/Neutered)

____  ____  No Spay/Neuter Contract (Full AKC w/Rights for Breeding and/or Show**)

Spay/Neuter Contract:

This puppy/dog has been sold at a discounted pet/companion price. This does not mean the dog is inferior in any way, but merely is a way to offer a quality dog at a discounted price to a buyer seeking a pet/companion only, NOT having rights for breeding/show. In exchange, the buyer agrees to have this puppy/dog spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months, or within 30 days of purchase, whichever is most appropriate. The buyer will have the form "Veterinarian Verification of Spay/Neuter" signed and completed by the operating vet, make a copy of the entire form and mail it back to the breeder (proof is subject to verification.)  ____  ____  

**All pets/companions sold without the “Full AKC” option will have a spay/neuter requirement (unless already done) and MUST be Spayed/Neutered, as stipulated in this agreement. If a buyer purchases a puppy/dog with a spay/neuter contract, and then is found in violation of the agreement, the breeder retains the right to re-possess the puppy/dog without any financial compensation to the buyer. In addition, if the dog has already been bred during this time (deliberate or accidental) the breeder may seek financial compensation from the buyer and would be considered owner of the puppies produced from this mating as well since the terms of the contract were not fulfilled. The original buyer is also forbidden to sell or re-home the dog prior to compliance with the spay/neuter agreement, unless the breeder is in agreement with this new transaction and new contract is written by the breeder with the new party. If this is NOT done, the breeder may re-possess the dog, any reimbursements required will be at the expense of the ORIGINAL buyer. Only pre-approved buyers are eligible for FULL AKC, and will be required to pay the remainder of the Full AKC price, all deviations from this agreement will be subject for re-possession and financial reimbursement to the breeder as appropriate.  ____  ____  

 Veterinarian Verification of Spay/Neuter

By signing this form, you are agreeing that to the best of your knowledge you performed the sterilization procedure on the puppy pictured below, and that you are willing to provide information needed to verify this, if needed.

I, ________________________(printed name of operating vet) performed a sterilization operation on the above mentioned dog on _______________ (date) by _____________________ procedure.

Vet Clinic: ________________ Phone:___________

Address:___________ City, State, Zip:___________

Signature of Vet:________________Date:________

 Statement of Buyer:

I understand that by signing this agreement it becomes a binding contract. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to all of the conditions of this purchase agreement/contract. This contract supersedes any other agreements, verbal, written, implied or assumed by either party.  ____  ____  

Printed Name:________________________________

Address:_______________________ Phone:________

Email Address:__________________ Phone:________

Signature of Buyer:______________ Date:__________

Signature of Breeder: ____________ Date:__________

Breeder Information:

Tyme 2 Parti Poodles Darcy Herrin
Facebook Page: Tyme 2 Parti Poodles

Denison, IA 51442

Calculating Prices and Fees:

Prices Above are for illustration purposes Only for this Sample Contract => Actual Prices WILL Vary.

*A 'Reservation Fee' is a non-refundable deposit to place a dog/puppy on "hold" as a promise to adopt/buy, the fee is deducted from the total purchase price. It may look like a lot of numbers, but is easily calculated.  Again, THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES. NOT ACTUAL PRICE.  :)

(1) If the full AKC purchase price is $1200, but it is sold as a companion only, (2) the companion only discount would be applied. (3) Add on any agreed on shipping/delivery costs if applicable. When figuring the remainder due at the time of fulfillment (4) subtract the $200 deposit already paid.

(1) $1200 (Full Price)

(2) -$600 (Companion Price Discount)

(3) +$350 (Shipping/Delivery Costs)

(4) -$200 (Deposit Already Paid, if applicable)

       $750 Remainder Due at/Prior to Delivery 

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