Available Older Puppies to Adults... 

(None available at this time.  Check back later)

The dogs on this page will either be fixed before going to their forever home or will have a Spay/Neuter contract, where as the new owner agrees to have the dog/puppy "fixed" within 30-60 days of adoption.  They will also come with an extended health guarantee (much the same as I offer for a younger puppy, only there will be age specific changes.) 

These are the lowest prices I can afford to offer, as I really prefer them to go as "companion/performance family pets" vs "breeder/kennel dogs"  This is reflected in the prices I offer.  I hope this will help some families to be able to get a pup that otherwise would not be able to!  :)  I ONLY offer consideration to "breeder" homes if they have the same/similar "IN HOME" practices to our own.  

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Page updated 5/14/17 

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