Koda has a new home in Richmond MO with Jessica Hockemeier!  He went from one groomer to another~  He is enjoying all the attention though and is happy to be the subject of her "Creative Grooming" ideas!!  :)  He loves it!  I will always love and miss you Koda!!  

Koda is a SUPER dog.  He is about 27" at the shoulder.  Loving and affectionate!  Loves attention and is a great watch dog.  He is completely house broken, to the point he would rather DIE than have an accident in the house.  He is great with other dogs.  His biggest downfall is he really doesn't care to have his face/feet clipped...  He is perfect for scissoring, etc though.  He is playful but super mellow and calm.  He is great with kids, etc.  The only reason I am parting with him is to give him a Better life, an upgrade for HIM, just life has taken some turns and he is getting cheated.  Period.  I love him dearly.  He is a GREAT dog.   One of the best in the world!!


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